Versatile Blogger Award

Anyone receiving any award in any forms may feel excited, just like me as of the moment. Lots of love, people!

Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is a combination of hard work and patience. Some of it lasts, some of it don’t. But, how do we really make it work?

We work hard for the money!

Opportunities are always disguised as hard work. So, do your best on all the things you are working on, and in time, all of them will pay off!

I am grateful!

As the year is coming to an end, I came to think of the things I am grateful for. Be thankful for the good or bad, high or low, best and worst in life.

Holiday Glam

Holiday season is the time that you can be glamorous. So,why not step it up a bit and be extra glamorous, too. Enjoy the season beautifully!

Althea Korea

When you find that trustworthy shop online, you just needed people to know about it.

How lonely is being lonely.

Life has a lot to offer. It will give you sweet and bitter things. Sweet things are celebrated, but how will you handle the bitter things?

Online Shopping

Shopping is great way to relieve your stress, at times. You can look around and see good things that you may like, and enjoy buying. But, have you heard of online shopping? Do you think it is as good as shopping in the mall? Let’s find out.

Travel, hassle.

Travelling is a great way to enjoy and have some time to unwind. It’s the time to discover great places, too. However, what will you do if your trip is not that good?

Blogging 101

First and foremost, I knew what blogging is. However, I didn’t know the work and how to make your own blog. So, I started searching on the how to, and luckily, I found one. There are a lot of helpful articles and ways to help you start. But, I tell you, you should be patient…