We work hard for the money!

     Just like the song said; I work hard for the money! Yes, I’m most grateful the year started with lots of blessings. I’m grateful that one of those is having to work again.

I am away from my computer for more than week now, it’s because I am working. Yes, people. I work.haha. Kidding aside, my start of the year is good because of it and many more. I work as an English Instructor to Korean students who wanted to learn the language. Though, the work is just for some weeks, still I’m thankful that I was given a chance again to teach and work.

images (23).jpg I heard this one a lot lately or maybe growing up hearing this. I know that working for our everyday life and needs is very hard. I know, I sometimes complain being exhausted from work. However, in my experiences being a teacher, I can say that when you love what you do, you will never think of it as work.

images (24).jpgI love hard working women and men who could be who they are when working or even more. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s a tough world and the competition is high, that every person should be in their best toe. I grew up in a family wherein most do the house chores and the men will work. But, as I know more about women who could be successful in their own chosen career, I, myself wanted to be one.

I’m lucky that my husband didn’t force me to stop working in order to focus making a family. He was so supportive that he gave me encouraging words that boost the competitive side of me. I do believe that working hard with your partner for the future of the family is always a rewarding feeling.

images-25 Having fun while working is never working for me. How can you complain about the salary, the management or even the people around you, if what you truly care about is to give your 110% or more for the task or work you are given.

However, work means I will be less available on my p.c. (sad face), less blogs, blogging and less of many things. But, sacrifices are suppose to be made for a greater cause, right? How about you guys, what work do you do? How do you find your work? Is it work or stress? Happiest days to you, people!



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  1. The satisfaction and feeling of being rewarded for an effort makes work enjoyable and like you’ve rightly said, it’s not work anymore. 👍….

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    1. Judy Redic says:

      I agree with you. Having fun at work makes it worthwhile staying in that company.

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